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A 3D shape matching and retrieval approach based on fusion of curvature and geometric diffusion features

A blind mesh visual quality assessment method based on convolutional neural network

A characterization of b-chromatic and partial Grundy numbers by induced subgraphs

A convolutional neural network framework for blind mesh visual quality assessment

A Curvature based method for blind mesh visual quality assessment using a general regression neural network

A Framework to Improve the Disaster Response Through a Knowledge-Based Multi-Agent System

A Gray Code for cross-bifix-free sets

A Guaranteed performance of a green data center based on the contribution of vital nodes

A methodology for the semi-automatic generation of analytical models in manufacturing

A new inter-cloud service-level guarantee protocol applied to space missions

A New Proposed Cloud Computing Based Architecture for Space Ground Data Systems

A New Proposed Cloud Computing Based Architecture for Space Ground Data Systems

A Novel Hybrid Broadcasting Protocol Based on Coverage Area Segmentation and Delay Adjustment for VANETs

A permutation code preserving a double Eulerian bistatistic

A Review on Applications of Big Data for Disaster Management

A robust blind 3-D mesh watermarking based on wavelet transform for copyright protection

A sparsity-aware approach for NBI estimation and mitigation in large cognitive radio networks

A Tensor Based Data Model for Polystore: An Application to Social Networks Data

Adaptative network topology for data centers

Adaptive learning process for the evolution of ontology-described classification model in big data context

Almost disjoint spanning trees

Almost disjoint spanning trees: relaxing the conditions for completely independent spanning trees

An automated approach to translate a biological process from ODEs into graphical hybrid functional Petri Nets

An Efficient Immunization Strategy Using Overlapping Nodes and Its Neighborhoods

An Energy Saving Mechanism Based on Vacation Queuing Theory in Data Center Networks

An image segmentation algorithm based on community detection

An improved star test for implicit polynomial objects

An unsupervised classification process for large datasets using web reasoning

Arabic Named Entity Recognition: A Survey and Analysis

Audio-Textual Classification System Design for Arabic News Videos

Automatic integration of spatial data into the semantic web

Autonomic Computing and VANETs: Simulation of a QoS-based Communication Model

Avoiding patterns in irreducible permutations

Barycentric Combinations Based Subdivision Shaders

Behaviour Study of an Evolutionary Design for Permutation Problems

Blind 3D mesh visual quality assessment using support vector regression

Bounded growth functions: Gray codes and exhaustive generation

Bounds and approximation results for scheduling coupled-tasks with compatibility constraints

Broker and federation based Cloud networking architecture for IaaS and NaaS QoS guarantee

Canal surfaces as Bézier curves using mass points

Centrality measures for networks with community structure

Cluster validity index based on jeffrey divergence

Cluster validity index based on jeffrey divergence

Community detection algorithm evaluation with ground-truth data

Comparison of registration methods for mobile manipulators

Completely independent spanning trees for enhancing the robustness in ad-hoc networks

Completely independent spanning trees in some regular graphs

Cross-industry standard test method developments: from manufacturing to wearable robots

Descent distribution on Catalan words avoiding a pattern of length at most three

Détection de communautés dans les réseaux sociaux, approches, algorithmes, interprétations et limites

Digitization and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Products

Digitization and preservation of cultural heritage: The CEPROQHA approach

Distributed leader election and computation of local identifiers for programmable matter

eClims: an extensible and dynamic integration framework for biomedical information systems

Edge guided total variation for image denoising

Efficient scalable sensor node placement algorithm for fixed target coverage applications of wireless sensor networks

Efficient Techniques for Energy saving In Data Center Networks

Equations and interval computations for some fractals

Etude de l’impact du couple codage et opérateur de croisement pour la résolution de problèmes de permutation

Evaluation de l’influence dans un réseau multi-relationnel : le cas de Twitter

Evaluation de l’influence polarisée dans un réseau multirelationnel. Application à Twitter

Exhaustive generation for ballot sequences in lexicographic and Gray code order

Forests and pattern avoiding permutations modulo pure descents

Forests and pattern avoiding permutations modulo pure descents

Free Choosability of Outerplanar Graphs

Full-fledged semantic indexing and querying model designed for seamless integration in legacy RDBMS

Graph colouring reduction methods and Application to McDiarmid-Reed’s Conjecture

Gray coding planar maps

Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification Using Web Reasoning for Large Datasets

How to enrich description logics with fuzziness

Hybrid blind robust image watermarking technique based on DFT-DCT and Arnold transform

Hybrid QoS based routing protocol for inter and intra wireless mesh infrastructure communications

Image Segmentation by Deep Community Detection Approach

Immunization Strategies Based on the Overlapping Nodes in Networks with Community Structure

Impact of Credibility on Opinion Analysis in Social Media,

Improved Complexity for Power Edge Set Problem

Information fusion-based approach for studying influence on {Twitter} using belief theory

Integrating Variability Management in Data Center Networks

Integration, quality assurance and usage of geospatial data with semantic tools

IoT Service Guarantee Using QBAIoT Wireless Access Method

IP-Based Mobility Management and Handover Latency Measurement in heterogeneous environments

LaCoDa: Layered connected topology for massive data centers

Mahonian STAT on words

Map Change Prediction for Quality Assurance

Mass points, Bézier curves and conics: a survey

Mesh Visual Quality Assessment Metrics: A Comparison Study

Methodology and trends for an intelligent transport system in developing countries

Mobile Manipulator Performance Measurement Towards Manufacturing Assembly Tasks

Mobilité: un process évolutionnaire pour mieux prendre en compte les spécificités de problèmes d’optimisation riches

Model of Mobile Manipulator Performance Measurement using SysML

Model-based engineering for the integration of manufacturing systems with advanced analytics

Modèle tensoriel pour l’entreposage et l’analyse des données des réseaux sociaux – Application à l’étude de la viralité sur Twitter

Modeling performance measurement of mobile manipulators

Modeling performance measurement of mobile manipulators

Modélisation des réseaux sociaux, des modèles théoriques aux modèles de données

Modelling complex volume shape using ellipsoid: application to pore space representation

More restricted growth functions: Gray codes and exhaustive generations

Multispectral image denoising with optimized vector non-local mean filter

New Insights for Power Edge Set Problem

No-reference 3d mesh quality assessment based on dihedral angles model and support vector regression

Nouveau modèle d’intelligence artificielle pour l’optimisation de la mobilité

Nouveaux modèles géométriques pour la C.A.O. et la synthèse d’images : courbes de Bézier, points massiques et surfaces canal

NURBS and Iterated Functions Systems

On Dependability Traffic Load and Energy Consumption Tradeoff in Data Center Networks

On S-packing edge-colourings of cubic graphs

On the packing chromatic number of subcubic outerplanar graphs

Ontology-based approach for unsupervised and adaptive focused crawling

Optimal Local Routing Strategies for Community Structured Time Varying Communication Networks

Optimization of sensor deployment using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms

Packing colourings of subcubics graphs

Patterns in treeshelves

Predictive and evolutive cross-referencing for web textual sources

Product Lifecycle Management in the Era of Internet of Things

Ptnet: A parameterizable data center network

PTNet: An efficient and green data center network

Pure descent statistic on permutations

QBAIoT: QoS Based Access for IoT environments

QoS Multi-tree Based Routing Protocol for Inter-mesh Infrastructure Communications

Raisonner en logique modale sur l’incertitude liée aux données – Application en archéologie

Re-parameterization reduces irreducible geometric constraint systems

Relay selection in FDD amplify-and-forward cooperative networks

Right-jumps and pattern avoiding permutations

Right-justified characterization for generating regular pattern avoiding permutations

Rooted planar maps modulo some patterns

S-packing colorings of cubics graphs

Self-configuring multipath intra-mesh infrastructure QoS based routing

Semantic Enrichment of Spatio-temporal Trajectories for Worker Safety on Construction Sites

Semantic Trajectory Modeling for Dynamic Built Environments

Simulating a virtual machining model in an agent-based model for advanced analytics

Skeleton-Based Multiview Reconstruction

SNFreezer: a Platform for Harvesting and Storing Tweets in a Big Data Context

Some complexity and approximation results for coupled-tasks scheduling problem according to topology

Sparsity-aware multiple relay selection in large dual-hop decode-and-forward broadband relay networks

Sparsity-Aware Narrowband Interference Mitigation and Subcarriers Selection in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Networks

Spatio-temporal analysis of trajectories for safer construction sites

TDM: A Tensor Data Model for Logical Data Independence in Polystore Systems

The equidistribution of some descent set based statistics on words

The equidistribution of some length three vincular patterns on S(132)

The equidistribution of some length-three vincular patterns on (132)

The EU-Election on Twitter: Comparison of German and French Candidates Tweeting styles

Theory of Minkowski-Lorentz Spaces

Total Variation for Image Denoising Based on a Novel Smart Edge Detector: An Application to Medical Images

Towards a better integration of modelers and black box constraint solvers within the Product Design Process

Towards a Twitter Observatory: A Multi-paradigm Framework for Collecting, Storing and Analysing Tweets

Towards the Design of Respond Action in Disaster Management Using Knowledge Modeling

Trade-off Between Diversity and Convergence in Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms

Transforming XML schemas into OWL ontologies using formal concept analysis

Un observatoire pour la modélisation et l’analyse des réseaux multi-relationnels. Une application à l’étude du discours politique sur Twitter

Unsupervised geodesic convex combination of shape dissimilarity measures

Upgraded SemIndex Prototype Supporting Intelligent Database Keyword Queries through Disambiguation, Query as You Type, and Parallel Search Algorithms

Using spatio-temporal trajectories to monitor construction sites for safety management

Vaconet: Variable and connected architecture for data center networks


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