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Modélisation Géométrique

Modélisation Géométrique

The main research team activities are in the field of computer graphics. We focus more specifically on geometric modeling for image synthesis, Computer Aided Design (CAD / CAM) and shape representation in general for different types of applications.

We propose evolutions of existing models or we develop new methods of representations of surface or volume objects, to answer the new needs of applications: important volume of data, representation of complex forms, simplification of methods of description and tools of manipulation of the forms. In particular, we study problems of validity, conciseness, computability and numerical inaccuracy, and we develop efficient operating algorithms for targeted applications. We are also interested in methods for characterization of geometric shapes, either to define descriptors for shape matching or for object recognition, or to develop more intuitive modeling interfaces, languages, or description methods for novice or expert users. Application fields can be very varied: reverse engineering and, more broadly, 3D reconstruction, virtual reality and augmented reality, medical imaging, computer simulation systems, the leisure industry (animation movies, video games, …), the structure design for 3D printing. We specialized in the following topics: constraint modeling, subdivision surfaces and more generally iterative modeling, implicit representations and skeleton representation. An application example is modeling optimal lacunary structures for additive manufacturing.

We also work in a field on the borderline of geometric modeling and data sciences: product lifecycle management (PLM).



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